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Want your ad stickied? - Posted By Aki. (admin) on 3rd Feb 09 at 3:48am
Would you like your advertisement pinned for maximum exposure? How about an announcement? Basic things about stickiness:

+ Maximum of two adverts can be stickied per genre at a time. So only two Role Play boards and two non role play.
+ Only ONE advert can be an announcement. This means on the top of thread listing of every board.
+ Only up to two days of sticky adverts can be awarded at any time by a staff member.
+ We DO randomly select adverts at time, at least once a week.
+ Creative advertisements are more likely to be stickied.
+ One random advertisement will be an announcement for x amount of days set by a staff member at any given time.
+ We do not have to have a sticky or an announcement, but often times we will.
+ Active adverts to active boards have a higher chance of being chosen.

What do you have to do to get this chance? Nothing, just post your advert. ^_^. Everyone has a chance no matter how remote it is.